building interior and equipment maintenance

The main aim of the technical support of a property is to ensure its correct functioning , This is facilitated by regular care of the proper technical condition of rooms, furniture and devices in the building .

Because We have competent, perfectly trained staff performing works in a reliable and timely way.

In addition to Property owners and managers who entrust us with maintenance services relating to the interior and equipment of buildings have the certainty of receiving a professional and effective service within that scope.

Our offer of building interiors and equipment maintenance includes:

  • maintenance and repairs of rooms (e.g. walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, doors, windows)

  • maintenance and repairs of office equipment (furniture, desks, cabinets, containers, chairs, booths, etc.), replacement of operating components, renovation of furniture

  • maintenance and repairs of other movable equipment of property interiors

  • full scope of handyman services.